Getting Started

Learn the fundamentals and start protecting data on Ionburst Cloud today.

Available regions

Ionburst Cloud is currently available in two regions, EU and US.

Ionburst Cloud EU maps to the AWS eu-west-1 (Dublin) region, and Ionburst Cloud US maps to the AWS us-east-1 (Virginia) region.

Access to Ionburst Cloud is currently provided through the AWS Marketplace. This allows you to sign up and use Ionburst Cloud, without having to worry about setting up another billing method. Ionburst Cloud reports usage back to AWS, who then bill through their standard billing system to your AWS Account.

The following listings are currently available for Ionburst Cloud:

🇪🇺 EU (eu-west-1)Ionburst Cloud
🇪🇺 EU (eu-west-1)Ionburst Cloud Monthly
🇺🇸 US (us-east-1)Ionburst Cloud
🇺🇸 US (us-east-1)Ionburst Cloud Monthly