What is Ionburst Cloud?

Ultra-secure, private and ransomware resilient object storage built to securely store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere.


Ionburst Cloud is an ultra-secure object storage platform that offers industry-leading ransomware resilience, data security, privacy, scalability, recovery and compliance. Making it easy for teams to migrate to the Cloud securely, with in-built prevention for data leaks and breaches, misconfigurations and third-party access.

Ionburst Cloud storage is always private and cannot be accessed anonymously or exposed publicly. This means customers of all sizes and industries can securely store and protect any amount of data for a range of use cases, such as cloud storage, web and mobile applications, backup and restore, archive, and enterprise applications without the risk of unexpectedly sharing data.

Ionburst Cloud provides easy-to-use features so you can migrate your data to meet your specific business, organizational, and compliance requirements. Pick your region and the rest is managed for you.

Ionburst Cloud is the first service to offer data security and privacy from the first byte uploaded, and securely stores data for companies all around the world, out of the reach of hackers and third-party surveillance.

Secure Simple Storage Service

  • Storage designed to hold any data you wouldn't want posted on the Internet.
  • Unmatched data security, privacy and resilience capabilities.
  • GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA readily compliant storage.
  • Instant compliance to data sovereignty and security requirements, globally.
  • Ionburst Cloud ships with in-built data security, misconfiguration prevention and continuous data privacy management at the data object level, Ionburst Cloud makes sure that the right resources have the right configurations at all times.

Security Streamlined

Ionburst Cloud eliminates friction between security practitioners, development and operations teams by embedding advanced data privacy and protection as standard. This empowers secure growth on your Cloud journey, from initial migration through day-to-day management by baking security into the heart of your environment.

Eliminate Vulnerable Infrastructure

Ionburst Cloud keeps your data protected, anonymized and pseudonymized while in-transit and at rest. Ionburst Cloud embeds redundancy at the data object-level, so you no longer have to duplicate your data to ensure resilience against hardware and cloud provider outages.

Prevent Human Configuration Errors

Ionburst Cloud provides development teams a storage platform that adheres to best practices and ensures misconfiguration and third-party access prevention, cloud infrastructure security, compliance and scalability.