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Introducing Ionburst Cloud

Sophie Lanc

Sophie Lanc

Product Lead @ Ionburst Cloud

Ionburst Cloud (IBC) is an ultra-secure distributed cloud storage platform, that we have launched with our flagship: Simple Secure Sovereign Scalable Storage Service (S6).

  • Our goal with S6 is to create a fully private storage service, that ensures data cannot be exposed publicly or accessed by unauthorised or unauthenticated parties.
  • We aim to remove the security concerns and high bar for entry surrounding Cloud adoption, migration and application development, simplifying it into a three step process: connect, protect and store.

Why create Ionburst Cloud and S6?#

We decided to build Ionburst Cloud because we believe that there is a fundamental gap in today’s Cloud shared responsibility model. Cloud providers are experts in creating a highly available and scalable infrastructure for you to use, but hand off the security responsibility to you, the customer.

This approach has led to multiple high-profile breaches and incidents of security researchers uncovering sensitive information via misconfigured stores, among other vulnerabilities. McAfee’s whitepaper signposts that 81% of their respondents “over trusted” that data is secured as part of the Cloud. A 12% subset claimed that the Cloud provider was responsible for their data security in entirety.

This misunderstanding and lack of awareness toward shared responsibility in Cloud security is one of the fundamental reasons that breaches, and leaks continue at an epidemic level. So much so that in Q1 of 2021, IT Governance reported that the number of breached records, almost hit a staggering 4 billion items.

Faced with this, there are two main approaches that customers usually lean towards:

  1. Investing in vendor specific solutions to address security concerns. These solutions are usually focused on monitoring and alerting areas of non-conformance and security risk. This can be expensive, and usually requires a dedicated team of security experts. There is also no guarantee the solutions you choose will work well together, or fix the underlying issue; ensuring your data is protected from compromise.
  2. Choosing a private cloud storage deployment, dedicating resources to a single organisation and locking down your environments. This brings with it a significant uplift in cost, engineering time and the challenge of continual upkeep and maintenance for both hardware and software. Further, this is not a feasible or efficient approach for most developers, who would benefit from a readily available and affordable alternative.

We believe that there is a simpler and safer way forward for developers and organisations alike to store data in the Cloud securely. The lack of a fully secure and private storage service, at an affordable and transparent cost, remains a major pain point for developers and organisations using the Cloud.

What's missing, is a cloud storage service that complements the performance benefits of the Public Cloud, with the prevention of data exposure from misconfiguration and other easily avoidable errors.

What is Ionburst Cloud S6?#

So, what exactly is S6 and how does it help address this problem?

On the surface, S6 may look like other Cloud-based object storage services. It can store any type of data assets, for a range of use cases, with one main caveat. Data is always private by design, and cannot be exposed publicly or accessed by unauthorised or unauthenticated parties. In addition to its basic functionality, S6 brings vital security enhancements by introducing:

  1. Automatic configuration, encryption, data protection and privacy compliance. S6 includes encryption with in-built key management, automatically hardened storage configuration and data privacy compliance in-transit and at-rest.
  2. Developer-first, quick and easy integration. Created by developers for developers, we support API-connect and our open-source SDKs are currently available for: .NET, Node.js, Python and Go.
  3. Fully secure while improving resilience, availability and scalability. S6 builds on top of underlying Cloud providers' infrastructure, reliability and scale. Then adds security and data resilience at the asset level as part of the Cloud, with no impact to performance.
  4. Automatic data sovereignty and residency. Once a region is selected, all data is processed and stored within your region of choice, complying with the most stringent privacy requirements.

The end result is an API/SDK-connect service that can be your secure storage of choice, for all private and sensitive information, at a fraction of the cost and time of existing approaches.

This means that developers are only responsible for securely connecting, and S6 assumes the security responsibility for protecting and storing all information.

With this approach we aim to empower the future of secure applications and storage by removing the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding breaches and leaks from Cloud stores.

That's how we will lay the ground work for a trusted internet.

What Ionburst Cloud S6 isn't?#

As vital as it is to understand what IBC S6 does, it is just as important to understand what it doesn't do.

  • Fully public cloud storage. This is predominantly used to make data fully accessible over the internet, for use cases such as: websites and content delivery, where data is deliberately exposed for end user consumption.

Where is Ionburst Cloud going?#

Currently, the IBC platform is available on AWS, through the AWS Marketplace. A core aim of the IBC platform is to introduce a new age of cost transparency and control for you, the customer, in secure Cloud storage. This is an area of development for the platform, which is currently underpinned by AWS' billing services.

We have two immediate roadmap features and product developments that will enhance IBC for customers:

  1. Fully private multi-cloud storage. We are partnering with additional Cloud providers that you, the IBC community, would like to use and are prioritising support by popular vote.
  2. Transparent pricing and cost savings. Implementing our own billing and metering functionality will help us create more informative and transparent costs going forward.

Try it out!#

As a secure Cloud storage platform, IBC has been globally scale tested, is regularly security tested and is being used in production by early adopters. If you are interested in keeping up with the latest platform advancements, you can do so here.

If you'd like to give Ionburst Cloud and S6 a try, check out our free tier to get started.

Before you begin, here's a few resources worth checking out:

Finally, please make sure to reach out, we'd love to hear from you about your use cases, and are excited to see how we can secure the future of the Cloud together! 💜🧡