Keep Data Private, Always.

Automatic Data Protection, Compliance and Secure Object Storage

Now available in the Dublin and London regions on AWS Marketplace.

Ultra-secure distributed object storage platform

Public cloud, private data. No more unexpected leaks or unauthorised access

Misconfiguration Prevention

Security shouldn't be an afterthought. Ionburst Cloud's security model integrates privacy-first features as standard. Say goodbye to breaches and public exposures.

Per-Object Protection

Ionburst Cloud ensures the security, privacy and resilience of any and all data by providing unique protection at the object level. No two objects are ever secured in the same way.

Security Streamlined

Put an end to the time and effort spent by security, development and operations teams on managing and monitoring access policies, freeing them to focus on key business drivers.

Strengthen Data Security Posture

No more cumbersome file shares or public, leaky buckets. Store your data with the Cloud service designed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of every object stored.

Real Shared Responsibility

Current security models don't go far enough to help protect those storing data in the Cloud. Ionburst Cloud reduces this burden by assuming the security responsibility.

Simple, Consistent Pricing

Ionburst Cloud is available as an on-demand service or as a rolling monthly subscription, based on API transactions and data stored. Only pay for what you use.

Security and privacy embedded by default, not an optional extra

Storage designed to protect any data you wouldn’t want posted on the internet
Built-in BenefitsIonburst CloudAWS S3Azure BlobGoogle Cloud Storage
Misconfiguration prevention
Data breach and leak prevention
Resilient without duplication of data
Ransomware resilient storage
No third party access to data
Data privacy compliance
Security and privacy on an object basis

Bridging the security gap between data and the Cloud

Instantly protect sensitive data and applications by integrating with our API and client SDKs

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